Thursday, January 26, 2012

Triops Life Cycle Awesomeness {with freebie}

Hey everyone!  I've missed you!  I'm back, after a week.  I've been super busy running all over the school.  I wanted to share this science activity that I started with my kiddos this week.  They have been looking forward to this for two months!  They have been so patient too!  

Well, it all started with this:

Have you ever seen these little guys before?  Don't they look so sweet and cuddly!?  Ya right, I know they look absolutely terrifying I mean the stuff nightmares are made of, right!

Okay, back in October during our rock unit we were investigating some fossils. I found some trilobite fossils and then low and behold I found this little package for sale in a scholastic book order.  These snugly little triops are ancient relatives of trilobites!  So... I purchased them with some of my teacher scholastic book club points.  You can get them here though.

This website has lesson plans, worksheets and loads of information to help you teach your students all about these ancient creatures!

Wowwy, wowwy, wowza!  My little darlings were SO excited when they came to school on Friday and saw this on the shelf! 

 Our school bought an aquarium for us from Wal-Mart for only $25.  It even has a light attached to the lid.

You have to use pure natural spring water.  So I bought some at Dollar Tree.  My students loved helping pour the water in the aquarium.  After the water gets to the right temperature we poured the capsule that contains the eggs into a cup.  I did this under the Elmo document camera and projected it onto my GIANT smart board.  

Can you see the teeny tiny eggs?  They are in suspended animation, that is just one of the cool words your kiddos will learn.  

Did you know I have a GIANT smartboard?!  They didn't look so tiny on this baby!  ;)

Here is the what the aquarium looks like today.  After  two days we still didn't have any triop babies.  I was getting a little worried! So, I took my lamp from my library and removed the shade and set it up behind the tank.  This warmed up the water quite a bit.  

Then today one of my students noticed we had FOUR little babies!!!  My students couldn't wait to have a turn at looking at them with the magnifying glass!   They are SOOOO small!  They are suppose to double in size every day!  

Today my students worked in their packet/booklet that I created for them.  You can use it too if you decide to take on this engaging project!

I copied the front and back onto 11 x 17 paper and then fold it down the middle hamburger style!

Then I made two of the journal pages and copied those onto the 11 X 17 paper, front and back.  That way you can slip them inside and staple it for a booklet. 

  My students are going to observe and record their findings daily.  

{Click the scientist to snag your FREE copy!}

It comes with three different covers and some surprises!
I made this cover in case you are doing a different project and want to use the journal booklet.

  Spoiler alert: it includes a life cycle of a butterfly coloring page! .  Hurry, go check it out!

Let me know what you think!


Rachelle said...

Malarie!!! This is so amazing! I LOVE how supportive your school is. If I asked for a tank they would have LAUGHED in my face. You are such a great teacher! Love the science packet!!!!!

YearntoLearn said...

I've tagged you. Come join the blog game of tag.

Erika said...

Thanks for the freebie. Love triops.

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Edina said...

Thank you for sharing! Good job.