Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cute Recycled "Buckets"

I wanted to share this idea that I have for cute CHEEP and GREEN containers/buckets.  So far I have used these little babies for Valentines Day and for my "bucket filling system" (an idea I got from Rachelle!).  They are super easy and SOOO cute, plus my students LOVE making them!!!

First of all I have to thank our fabulous lunch lady extraordinaire Teddi.  She saved and rinsed the big cans from peaches and pears from the kids lunches.  

We turned them into these:

Also, I have to give my fabulous husband a shout out because he has been saving dog food cans for the past year and half.  If I let him he would save everything, he is just that resourceful!!  He was saving them to recycle but our cute little town is not equipped with a recycling service that takes tin as of yet, sad I know!! 

We turned them into these: 

So are you dying to know how to make them yet???

You will need:

~ Cans the size you want them
                                                     ~White duct tape
                                                     ~Super cute ribbon of your choice
                                                     ~Hot glue gun

Clean the cans and remove any label.        

Cover the opening edges with white duct tape (I got mine at Wal-Mart in the painting section).

Hot glue the ribbon near the edges.  
 Cut paper to the size of the can and glue with the hot glue gun.  
Then let students decorate. 

Is this something you'll use in your classroom?  What other ways can you think to use them?


Rachelle said...

SUCH A FAB IDEA!!!! I'm totally asking my lunch ladies to save the cans (even though I'm terrified of them)

Miranda said...

So cute! Love this idea. I am going to make something like this for Little A to keep his 'treasures' in around the house.