Sunday, April 1, 2012

Measuring Practice

A few weeks ago my students started measuring with feet and inches.  I made this data sheet so my students could collect the measurements they found.  They love using the measuring tape!  It's really important that you model how to keep it tight so they get an accurate measurement.    

{Click the picture to get the free download!}

I partnered my students up and let them measure items in our classroom.  My two classroom aides and I walked around the room helping the students to make sure they were measuring correctly and writing down the measurement right.  They are still mastering writing inches to the nearest half inch and that can be a bit tricky to write down.  

I had to help these two to measure our GIANT smartboard that we love SO much!

PS I am enjoying the sun room in my husbands house in Santa Fe, New Mexico!  I came down for a visit during my WEEK long spring break!  Wahoo!!! 

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