Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Easy Peasy Symmetry

Today I introduced symmetry during math.  First I showed them what symmetry meant using our bodies as an example.  Then we used shapes and we practiced drawing lines of symmetry on them.  We folded them on the lines to double check that they were actually symmetrical.   After that we created these fabulous symmetrical works of art!  

So here is an easy art project that is sure to get oooh's and aaaah's from all of your little darlings.  

First have your students fold construction paper in half hamburger style.  Then go around and ask each child what colors they would like.  I let them choose three colors.  

Next fold the paper back up and spread the paint out by pressing on the paper from the fold to the front opening.  If they spread it from side to side it will spill out the sides and be really messy.  

When they open up their paper they will find a beautiful symmetrical painting will have appeared like magic!  Followed by the oooh's and aaaah's...

Helpful hint:

I put the paint in a shower tote so that I can easily carry them from table to table.  

Then I had my students write about their symmetrical paintings in their math journals.  You know how the Common Core loves for our kiddo's to write about math!

They had to answer these two questions in their writing: What does your picture look like?  What does symmetrical mean?  

Here are some student examples....



Lauren Blackmon said...

I am teaching this in the morning and I love how you have the kids write about it. So Smart! I have done this in the past with my clouds unit and I use white paint. They have to write about what their cloud looks like. I tie symmetry into the lesson too. Thanks for the idea.

Grade ONEderful said...

Those are very cool. And wow! do your students ever write well!

BTW ...

You've been awarded the Liebster Blog award. It's being passed on to up-and-coming blogs. Have a GREAT day!

Grade ONEderful