Sunday, August 14, 2011

Training at Tavaputs Ranch

Well it has been one busy summer for me especially July and August!  When we came home from our trip to New Mexico our house had been flooding for a few weeks.  Sooo... we have been doing a complete kitchen renovation and today my husband and father-in-law are doing a complete bathroom reno!  So, I am finally finding some time to blog.  Not that I haven't been blog stalking! Trust me I make time to check up on all of you, and have found many new ideas and tools for this coming school year!

I just came back from a three day, two night school training that was held up at Tavaputs Ranch in eastern Utah.  It was about a two hour drive from where I live.  You can check it out here:  It is a beautiful fifth generation operation.

That's me driving, next to me is one of our SPED teachers.  In the back is my partner teacher in the green and next to her is one of our kindergarten teachers.  We had a fun ride up together!  

Check out that view!  From the top where we were to the bottom of the valley it is deeper then the Grand Canyon!

This is the main cabin.

The help!

We had a blast and it was a very informative training.  I just love the first of the year trainings that our school does.  They are very focused on the idea that to be able to work together we first need to be able to play together.  We think that is true for our kids as well.  That is why during the second week of school all of the grades go on different field trips that focus on bonding and team work.  It has helped to set a good foundation of a community of caring that carries us for the rest of the year!


Rachelle said...

Oh I love this! I love Tavaputs! I bet they area busy getting ready for Jennie's wedding!!!! I'm glad you had a good time at your training!

Malarie said...

Rachelle, you are always so sweet to comment! Thanks :)